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Configure the Windows Firewall

    Last Modified: September 19, 2018

    Use this topic to configure the firewall in Windows to ensure you cRIO-905x can communicate with the network.

    • Use the Troubleshoot Remote System Discovery tool to configure the firewall.
      1. In MAX, right click Remote Systems and select Troubleshoot Remote System Discovery.
      2. Follow the steps in the tool.
    • Add an exception for MAX to your network firewall or other security software by completing the following steps:
      1. Select Start»Control Panel»Windows Firewall»Allow a program through Windows Firewall.

        For Windows 10, you may need to search for the Control Panel as it not always available from the Start Menu.

      2. Click Allow another program.
      3. Select Measurement & Automation.
      4. Click Add.
      5. Click OK.
    • Ensure that UDP port 44525 is open to communication on the host computer. If you are using an intelligent switch on the network, ensure that it is not disabling UDP port 44525.

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