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Mounting the cRIO-904x on a Desktop

    Last Modified: August 30, 2018

    Complete the following steps to mount your cRIO-904x on a desktop.

    You can use the NI desktop mounting kit to mount the cRIO-904x on a desktop.

    What to use

    • cRIO-904x
    • Screwdriver, Phillips #2
    • NI desktop mounting kit, 779473-01
      • Desktop mounting brackets (x2)
    Figure 1. Mounting the 4-slot cRIO-904x on a Desktop
    Figure 2. Mounting the 8-slot cRIO-904x on a Desktop
    1. Align the brackets with the mounting holes on the ends of the cRIO-904x.
    2. Use the screwdriver to tighten the captive screws on the end of the brackets.

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