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Testing Your Controller in MAX

    Last Modified: August 30, 2018

    Run a test panel in Measurement & Automation Explorer (MAX) to confirm that your cRIO-904x is communicating with your system.


    MAX test panels are only available for systems running NI-DAQmx driver software with supported C Series modules installed, and with modules deployed in the Real-Time program mode. For additional information, refer to Installing Software on the Host Computer and Choosing Your Programming Mode topics.

    1. Launch MAX.
    2. Locate and select your cRIO-904x system in the My System tree. If your module and the software are functioning correctly, the System Settings for your module will show a status of Connected - Running. If your cRIO-904x is present but the status is Connected – Safe Mode (No Software Installed), complete the procedure to install software on the cRIO-904x controller in the Installing Software on the Controller topic.
    3. Wire the C Series module as indicated in the C Series module documentation.
    4. Right-click any module and select Test Panels, or select Test Panels from the main configuration window options.
    5. Configure the measurement settings and click Start.

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