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Connecting the Controller to the Host Computer

    Last Modified: September 25, 2018

    Connect your cRIO-904x to your host computer.


    Refer to Ports and Connectors in the Features section for connector and port locations on the cRIO-904x.

    Complete the following steps to connect the cRIO-904x to the host computer using the Dual Role USB C Port.

    1. Power on the host computer.
    2. Connect the cRIO-904x to the host computer using the USB-Type-C-to-Type-A cable (included in kit), inserting the USB Type-C connector into the Dual Role USB Type-C port. Connect the other end of the USB cable (Type-A) to the host computer.

      The device driver software automatically detects the cRIO-904x. Select Configure and install software to this device.

      If the device driver software does not detect the cRIO-904x, verify that you installed the appropriate NI software in the correct order on the host computer as described in the Installing Software on the Host Computer topic.

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