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Boot Setup Menu

    Last Modified: August 30, 2018

    The Boot Setup menu contains setting related to the boot process and the boot device priority.

    • Boot Settings Configuration Submenu—This item accesses the Boot Settings Configuration submenu.
    • Boot Option Priorities—These settings specify the order in which the BIOS checks for bootable devices, including the local hard disk drive, removable devices such as USB flash disk drives or USB CD-ROM drives, or the PXE network boot agent. The BIOS first attempts to boot from the device associated with 1st Boot Device, followed by 2nd Boot Device and 3rd Boot Device. If multiple boot devices are not present, the BIOS setup utility does not display all of these configuration options. To select a boot device, press <Enter> on the desired configuration option and select a boot device from the resulting menu. You can also disable certain boot devices by selecting Disabled.

      Only one device of a given type is shown in this list. If more than one device of the same type exists, use the appropriate device BBS priorities submenu to re-order the priority of devices of the same type.

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