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Last Modified: May 16, 2018

Swappable Transceiver Cable With 9-Pin D-SUB Male Connector

  • Full HS/FD CAN operation (up to 8 Mb/s) with onboard NXP TJA1043 transceiver
  • LS/FT CAN operation with onboard NXP TJA1055T transceiver
  • Compatibility with native NI-XNET port on cDAQ-9134/9135 controllers
  • Integrated support for signals from DBC, FIBEX, and AUTOSAR databases
  • NI-XNET driver for developing frame and signal applications in LabVIEW, LabWindows™/CVI, and C/C++

The TRC-8543 is designed to provide flexibility in connecting a CAN bus to the native NI-XNET port on integrated controllers such as the cDAQ-9134 and cDAQ-9135. You can connect the transceiver cable to the port to support a software-selectable CAN HS/FD or LS/FT interface. The isolated cable includes the necessary transceiver for the bus type, and it features termination resistors that you can enable or disable via software configuration.

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