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Overcurrent Diagnostics

    Last Modified: September 6, 2017

    You can enable overcurrent diagnostics for:

    • Outputs in any configuration
    • Inputs configured with test pulses

    When the current on the configured channel exceeds module specifications, the channel de-energizes and the User Program returns a fault on DOn.OvercurrentFault or DIn.OvercurrentFault.

    You can use overcurrent faults in two ways:

    • You check the Fail-safe box for DOn.OvercurrentFault or DIn.OvercurrentFault. If an overcurrent fault occurs, the module will go into Fail-safe Mode.
    • You can use DOn.OvercurrentFault or DIn.OvercurrentFault in transition logic on the state machine diagram. If an overcurrent fault occurs, the User Program will transition to a user-configured state. The digital output channel on which the fault occurred will de-energize. You must cycle Vsup power to the module to re-energize the channel.

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