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I/O Fault LED

    Last Modified: September 6, 2017

    The I/O Fault LED is red and indicates faults on I/O channels. The I/O Fault LED displays both a fault code and a channel code. You will first see a series of short flashes that indicate the fault type, then a series of long flashes that indicate the channel number.

    Long flashes indicate channel number so that n + 1 flashes = channel n.

    For example, a test pulse or readback fault on DO2 will cause the I/O Fault LED to display the following flash pattern: Two short flashes + pause + three long flashes

    Table 1. I/O Fault LED Fault Code
    LED Pattern Indication
    Flashes continuously An overcurrent fault has been detected.
    Flashes two times then pauses A test pulse or readback fault has been detected.
    Flashes three times then pauses A discrepancy fault has been detected.
    Off No I/O Fault has been detected.

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