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Fail-Safe Mode

    Last Modified: September 6, 2017

    Fail-safe Mode de-energizes all outputs from the C Series Functional Safety module and stops the User Program. You can still read diagnostics, inputs, and the module status in LabVIEW, but the User Program is no longer running.

    You can configure the User Program to trigger Fail-safe Mode in response to faults in the I/O Configuration table in the Functional Safety Editor. If a user-configurable fault triggers Fail-safe Mode, you must cycle external Vsup power to the module and restart the User Program in LabVIEW.

    Automatic self-diagnostics will trigger Fail-safe Mode independently of User Program. If an automatic self-diagnostic triggers fail-safe, identify the condition causing the fault and remove it. For more information on automatic self-diagnostics, refer to the Automatic Self-Diagnostics section. Then, to exit Fail-safe mode, cycle external Vsup power to the module. The User Program will start automatically if auto start is enabled. Otherwise, restart the User Program in LabVIEW.

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