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Compiling User Programs

    Last Modified: September 6, 2017

    Follow these steps to compile documents and output User Programs in the Functional Safety Editor.

    1. Verify that there are no alerts in the Errors and Warnings pane.
    2. Press <Ctrl-S> to save the state machine.
    3. Click the Compile button.
    4. Verify the User Program has compiled correctly.
    5. Verify that all inputs, outputs, and variables configured in the I/O Configuration table are used in the state machine diagram.
    6. Verify that all diagnostics listed in the fault table are set to Fail-safe or used in the state machine diagram.

    You can review the following files to verify your User Program:

    • <filename>.json
    • <filename>_errors.json
    • <filename>_report.log

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