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IDDP Benefits

There are many technical and marketing benefits to joining the Instrument Driver Developer Program. There are also two different avenues for creating instrument drivers in the IDDP which have distinct benefits, as follows:

  1. Instrument drivers that are maintained on the Instrument Driver Network
  2. Instrument drivers that are maintained on an external website and linked from IDNet

For instrument drivers that are included and maintained on the Instrument Driver Network (IDNet), you receive a greater set of technical and marketing benefits. However, if you link from IDNet to instrument drivers maintained on an external Web site, you still receive several technical and marketing benefits. See the IDDP Benefits Explained section for a more detailed description of the benefits listed below.

  Instrument Drivers in IDNet Instrument Drivers Maintained Externally
Technical Benefits    
NI Certified Instrument Driver Statusavailble 
NI Certified Driver Developer Statusavailbleavailble
Included technical support for instrument driver issues for your customers from NIavailble 
Link to your homepage or product page from your instrument driver listingavailbleavailble
Statistics -- number of downloads of your driver from IDNetavailble 
Statistics -- number of requests for an instrument driver for your instrumentsavailbleavailble
Guaranteed instrument driver maintenance for at least 1 year by National Instrumentsavailble 
Marketing Benefits    
40% Software Discountavailbleavailble
10% Training Discountavailbleavailble
Coverage in Instrumentation Newsletteravailble 
Three month promotion of your instrument driver on IDNet homepageavailble 
Other Marketing opportunitiesavailble 

IDDP Benefits Explained

NI Certified Instrument Driver Status
LabVIEW certified instrument drivers comply with requirements and recommendations for architecture, programming style, error handling, front panels, block diagrams, icons, and online help. LabWindows/CVI Plug and Play instrument drivers comply with requirements and recommendations for programming style, error handling, function panels, function tree, and help files.

Customers demand NI Certified Instrument Drivers for their applications because these instrument drivers deliver high-quality, robust, and standardized features. You can find more information about developing Certified Instrument Drivers in our Developer Resources.

NI Certified Instrument Driver Developer
National Instruments recognizes Alliance Program members with experience writing LabVIEW and LabWindows/CVI instrument drivers as Certified Instrument Driver Developers

Alliance program members seeking designation as a Certified Instrument Driver Developer must meet the following requirements:

  • Experience in developing LabVIEW and/or LabWindows/CVI instrument drivers.
  • Certified instrument driver available in the Instrument Driver Network.
  • Satisfied client references who have used the instrument driver.

Upon completion of a certified instrument driver, you receive a certification from National Instruments signifying your status as a Certified Instrument Driver Developer. This status will be maintained for one year, after which you may renew your status by submitting one or more instrument drivers that meet the Certified Instrument Driver status to National Instruments.

There are several resources to get you started developing instrument drivers, including online examples, code templates, white papers, and application notes. In addition, National Instruments offers a complete set of training courses from LabVIEW Basics to Instrument Control.

Included Technical Support
LabVIEW and LabWindows/CVI certified instrument drivers qualify for FREE technical support from National Instruments. You can direct your customers to our extensive support resources to quickly solve their software challenges. National Instruments technical support includes our award-winning support website featuring thousands of knowledge-base entries, example programs, as well as support from over 200 NI applications engineers worldwide through NI Developer Exchange.

Link to Your Web Site
For both IDNet and externally maintained drivers, you can link from your instrument driver listing on IDNet to your homepage or to a specific product page. This cross-promotion increases web traffic to your Web pages.

Instrument Driver Download Statistics
National Instruments will provide instrument driver download statistics for instrument drivers included in IDNet. We also provide statistics on customer requests for other instruments from your company or business unit when you join the IDDP.

Instrument Driver Maintenance
For certified instrument drivers, National Instruments will maintain your driver for at least one year after submission. This maintenance includes updates for new releases of LabVIEW and LabWindows/CVI, bug fixes, instrument driver model revisions, and instrument firmware changes.

Instrument Driver Developer Program members receive a 40% discount on development software and 10% discount on training from National Instruments.

Instrumentation Newsletter Coverage
Instrument drivers that are included in IDNet receive coverage in the NI Instrumentation Newsletter, an award-winning global measurement and automation publication that provides in-depth product and technology information. This newsletter is delivered quarterly to almost all National Instruments customers around the world.

Promotion on IDNet
For certified instrument drivers on IDNet, we will highlight your driver for three months on The IDNet homepage receives tens of thousands of visits each month, thus increasing the visibility of your instrument driver and your instrument.

Other Marketing Activities
You may also qualify for other joint promotion opportunities with National Instruments by creating certified instrument drivers that are included on IDNet.