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DE1 New wireless standards, in addition to rising wireless usage, are increasing wireless device complexity while lowering price expectations. To counter rising costs, manufacturers require test systems optimized for efficiency.

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DE1 Driven largely by the Internet of Things (IoT) and the explosion of wireless standards, wireless has become usual on connected devices. NI creates fast and cost-effective wireless test solutions that help you to design innovative and high-quality products. NI solutions simplify parallel test, shorten test times, and reduce test cost. NI test solutions span from conformance to high-volume manufacturing and from 5G to 802.11ax to near field communication (NFC) and wireless charging. The NI vector signal transceiver (VST) is designed for fast and accurate testing of a wide range of wireless devices, including WLAN access points, cellular handsets, and infotainment systems. Whether you require a highly customized wireless test system or the out-of-the box functionality of the NI Wireless Test System (WTS), NI has a solution for your unique wireless test needs.

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