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DAQ Virtual Demos

View short videos on using multifunction data acquisition (DAQ) devices.

Taking a Measurement
  • Learn how to use your PC to take measurements
  • Running Time – 4:55
Generating a Signal
  • Use NI LabVIEW to generate signals from a DAQ device
  • Running Time – 3:28
Adding Data Logging
  • Log measured data to a file and open it in Microsoft Excel
  • Running Time – 3:40
Signal Processing and Analysis
  • Add real-time signal processing to acquired data
  • Running Time – 3:39
Using Counters and Digital I/O
  • Use built-in counters and digital I/O on multifunction DAQ devices
  • Running Time – 3:29
Report Generation
  • Programmatically generate reports after taking measurements
  • Running Time – 2:28
Monitoring and Alarming
  • Generate an alarm when the measured value exceeds a threshold
  • Running Time – 4:01
  • Build a proportional integral derivative (PID) controller with data acquisition hardware and LabVIEW
  • Running Time – 6:35
  • Create conditions to start or stop measurements
  • Running Time – 2:44
Building a User Interface
  • Build custom user interfaces in LabVIEW
  • Running Time – 3:36
Programming with NI-DAQmx Functions
  • Go beyond the DAQ Assistant with NI-DAQmx functions for additional flexibility and performance
  • Running Time – 6:20
Automatic Code Generation
  • Automatically script out graphical code with NI-DAQmx driver software
  • Running Time – 3:12
Synchronizing Multiple DAQ Devices
  • Synchronize measurements across two DAQ devices with NI-DAQmx
  • Running Time – 8:15
Retriggerable Acquisitions
  • Easily create retriggerable tasks with NI-DAQmx and NI-STC3 technology
  • Running Time – 4:35

Using Your PC to Take Measurements

Data acquisition hardware adds inputs and outputs (I/O) to standard laptop and desktop computers, turning a general-purpose PC into a flexible, high-performance measurement or control system.

Standard PC buses such as USB and PCI Express provide a path for measurements to be streamed directly into your computer for user-defined processing, analysis, and visualization.

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