Built to Last, Designed to Perform

National Instruments DAQ is the most trusted PC-based measurement hardware for engineers and scientists because it is designed and tested to the highest standards, resulting in products that are durable and dependable. Innovative DAQ technologies give you better accuracy and maximized performance.

Use High-Quality Designs You Can Depend On

More than 30 years of design experience, a conservative component rating, and extensive R&D testing processes contribute to NI’s outstanding track record for delivering high-quality and reliable products.

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Measure With Superior Absolute Accuracy

Errors such as temperature drift, offset, gain, and nonlinearity can greatly affect your measurement. Technologies engineered by NI such as NI-MCAL and NI-PGIA 2 minimize these errors and maximize the absolute accuracy of your measurements.

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Enjoy Maximum Performance Under the Hood

Not all DAQ boards are the same. National Instruments DAQ hardware includes built-in technologies such as NI Signal Streaming technology and NI-STC3 that inherently provide better performance for data streaming, logging, timing, and synchronization.

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Maintain Confidence in Your Device’s Accuracy

Calibration is crucial to maintaining a device’s measurement accuracy. NI devices are calibrated to a traceable standard of known accuracy and are offered with services to support for future calibration needs.

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Rely on NI for Signal Conditioning

Many sensors require special signal conditioning circuitry for minimizing ground loops and noise. NI has a wide selection of modules that integrate signal conditioning with the analog-to-digital converter (ADC) for accurately taking sensor measurements.

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