Manufacturing and Quality Test

Engineers and test operators commonly use data acquisition hardware and software to verify functionality and ensure the quality of finished goods. This may include a wide range of manual or automated electrical, mechanical, or environmental tests. The following case studies illustrate the reliability, accuracy, and flexibility provided by NI data acquisition (DAQ) hardware and LabVIEW software for manufacturing and quality test.

Hydraulic Test Bench for Aerospace Components

Using DAQ devices with LabVIEW software to develop a flexible system so the user can configure tests at run time, collect data, control the system, generate reports, and reduce equipment cost by implementing the same setup for testing many different components.

“We used LabVIEW as our development platform because of the hardware/software integration with LabVIEW and NI data acquisition devices.” – R. Klein Wolterink, Klein Wolterink Automation

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Developing a Wind Turbine Assembly Dynamic Diagnostics System

Integrating IEPE industrial accelerometers and DAQ devices distributed among different positions along the nacelle of a wind turbine with an industrial PC to manage the tests and its results.

“We now have a completely customized system with 20 channels for reading and analyzing dynamic data to meet our quality standards…that offers the agility, quality, and flexibility we require for our operations.” – José Errea Múgica, Aresse Engineering S.L.

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Developing a Manufacturing Test System for Wireless Multimedia Tablet Devices

Using PXI and PCI Express products from National Instruments to develop an innovative automated test solution to verify a broad range of multimedia device functions such as LED color and intensity measurements, touch screen calibration, audio loopback testing, and proprietary RF measurements.

“PXI’s modular approach helps future proof the test system design so additional functionality or capacity can be easily added without requiring a costly redesign of the overall system.” – Darragh McShane, Benetel

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