Asset Condition Monitoring

Engineers and technicians commonly use data acquisition hardware and software to perform long-term condition monitoring of equipment such as turbines and compressors to identify problems before a failure occurs. Condition monitoring can prevent unscheduled outages, optimize machine performance, and reduce repair and maintenance costs. The following case studies illustrate the flexibility and productivity provided by NI data acquisition (DAQ) hardware and LabVIEW software for condition monitoring.

Developing an Online Monitoring System for Analyzing Motor Vibrations

Using the NI USB-6008 DAQ device, NI LabVIEW system design software, and the NI Sound and Vibration Suite to build a system that compares the vibration of a faulty motor with the vibration of a motor in good condition.

“Due to the sophistication of LabVIEW, we expanded the capabilities of our vibration monitoring system. Using the NI Sound and Vibration Measurement Suite, we could also take rotational speed and motor flux into account.” – Aravind Vaithilingam Chockalingam, UCSI University

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Developing a Data Acquisition and Preanalysis System for Railway Switch Inspection

Integrating NI CompactDAQ hardware with NI LabVIEW to create an easily transportable system that is sufficiently compact, simple, and flexible.

“Because of the NI CompactDAQ dimensions, we created a closeable case that is lightweight and compact in size, and contains the necessary functions for conditioning and acquiring electrical signals from the sensors installed in the field to analyze the customer’s application.” – Paolo Valli, CATE srl

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Developing an Intelligent, Multisensor Tool Monitoring System for Tool Wear and Breakage Detection

Using NI LabVIEW, DAQ devices, and a number of sensors fused together to develop an integrated system to acquire eight different signals simultaneously.

“We achieved high programming efficiency, high performance, and cost savings using NI data acquisition devices and LabVIEW to build our cost-effective, stand-alone, flexible measurement data acquisition system for online tool monitoring.” – Shihab Asfour, PhD, College of Engineering, University of Miami

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