Data Acquisition Technology Outlook 2013

The Data Acquisition Technology Outlook keeps you informed of the latest and future technologies being developed to improve how engineers and scientists acquire, analyze, and present data. With more than 35,000 companies around the world using NI tools, National Instruments has been leading the data acquisition market for over 30 years with innovative software and hardware for building data acquisition systems. Additionally, NI works closely with leading technology providers to ensure that NI data acquisition products incorporate the latest and greatest technologies. Using this ecosystem of customers and partners, NI created the outlook to highlight some of the most pressing trends and technology challenges engineers who build data acquisition systems face.

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Featured Content Includes

Big Analog Data™ and Data Acquisition

Differentiation is no longer about who can collect the most data; it’s about who can quickly make sense of the data they collect.

Moore’s Law at Work in Data Logging

With the digital world we live in becoming more complex, we are demanding more from the systems recording the physical and electrical phenomena of today and tomorrow.

Emerging Bus Technologies

New bus technologies are poised to evolve data acquisition systems and address the challenges of future measurement applications.

Mobile Technology’s Influence on Data Acquisition

Mobile access to measurement applications is no longer a nice addition; it is an expectation.