Teaching Circuits and Electronics

Give students the ability to move seamlessly from theory to simulation to experimentation in circuits and electronics.

To understand and build on the basics of circuitry and electronics, students and researchers need to learn by combining use of educational hardware and technology currently used in the field. Then they can recreate real-world scenarios as they move from theory to simulation to experimentation.

NI Expertise Overview

Professors can give students immediate access to simulation and experimentation with student devices and lab hardware that seamlessly bridge the gap between theory and practice while exposing students to relevant industry tools. Students can achieve a deeper understanding of circuitry and electronic devices faster with NI solutions to teaching electronics. Discover how students can learn outside of the traditional classroom by exploring Portable Student Devices, and find out what NI is doing to put more instruments in the hands of every student in Engineering Lab Stations.

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Put course-specific experiments at every student's fingertips.
Simulate and experiment with Multisim.
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Products and Solutions

Courseware for Teaching Circuits and Electronics

This interactive, mobile-friendly lab content for NI ELVIS is mapped to common circuits and electronics syllabus topics.

Software Solutions

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