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LabWindows™/CVI Developer Newsletter Archive

The LabWindows™/CVI Developer Newsletter is a quarterly newsletter that delivers the latest technology and product news to LabWindows/CVI developers. Included are helpful tips, shortcuts, and how-to articles to improve your efficiency and productivity in LabWindows/CVI. In the newsletter, you can also find the latest updates, examples, and downloads.

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Recent Issues


  • Q4 2016
    • Maximize Accuracy and Input Range With the New PXIe-5164 Oscilloscope
    • Read the Software Deployment Best Practices Guide
    • Using Macro Tools to Automate Common Actions
  • Q3 2016
    • NI Introduces Second-Generation PXI Vector Signal Transceiver
    • Increase Test Developer Productivity With TestStand 2016
    • Using LabWindows/CVI With TestStand
  • Q2 2016
    • Smarter Devices Require Smarter Test Systems
    • New 1,000 V DMM That Digitizes at 1.8 MS/s
    • CVI 2015 Upgrades to Clang Compiler Version 3.3
  • Q1 2016
    • Read Automated Test Outlook 2016
    • LabWindows/CVI 2015 Real-Time Module Available
    • Troubleshooting Windows Executables With SysInternals


  • Q4 2015
    • Discover the new LabWindows/CVI Automated Test Suite
    • Learn how to avoid the 3 pain points of a Mil/Aero test engineer
    • Prevent defects through static code analysis
  • Q3 2015
    • What's new in LabWindows/CVI 2015
    • Discover tools for remote access to your LabWindows/CVI application
    • Learn advanced tips for debugging LabWindows/CVI applications
  • Q2 2015
    • Meet with engineers and leaders in test at NIWeek 2015
    • See the latest products for real-time spectrum analysis
    • Learn about tools for code documentation and requirements tracking
  • Q1 2015
    • Multithreading with the new NI PXIe-8880 Intel Xeon eight-core embedded controller
    • C API featured in the NI-RFmx Spectral Analysis Toolkit
    • Tips and tricks to optimize the run-time performance of your LabWindows/CVI application


  • Q4 2014
    • Benefits of user-programmable hardware in test applications
    • New features for FPGA software design
    • Holiday Hacks: tips and tricks from the user community
  • Q3 2014
    • LabWindows/CVI 2013 SP2 Now Available With Added Toolkits
    • Run-Time Module for Linux 2013 f1 Patch Now Available
    • Building Standard Testers for Automotive Using LabWindows/CVI and NI PXI
  • Q2 2014
    • New Solutions to Automating Instrumentation for Test
    • Practical Guides for Building a Test System
    • Considering a COTS Test Executive?
  • Q1 2014
    • Attend the LabWindows/CVI User Meeting at NIWeek 2014
    • Customize Compiler Optimization Levels
    • Download LabWindows/CVI 2013 SPI Today


  • Q4 2013
    • Tips for Saving, Sending, and Managing Data
    • Tools Reduce Complexity in Automotive Design and Test
    • New Linux Module With Data Management Functions
  • Q3 2013
    • Explore LabWindows/CVI 2013 and the New Real-Time Module
    • Connect With a Global Community and Find an NI Event Near You
    • Learn How to Automate the Formatting of Your Code
  • Q2 2013
    • LabWindows/CVI 2013 Sneak Peek
    • Learn How LabWindows/CVI Helps Cut Aircraft HMI Costs
    • Hidden Features in the LabWindows/CVI IDE
  • Q1 2013
    • Submit a Presentation or Paper for NIWeek 2013
    • Stay Current on Automated Test Technology Trends
    • Obtain LabWindows™/CVI 2012 SP1 and Sign Up for 2013 Beta Program