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Custom Power Measurement and Monitoring

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Dave Brandt
Nucor Corp

"By programming with LabVIEW and PACs versus programming with PLCs and ladder logic, we have seen a ten-fold increase in efficiency and drastically reduced the costs of facility automation. "

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Though the recycling process consumes between 64 and 74 percent less energy than manufacturing new steel, the amount of electricity needed is still enormous and can be taxing for utility companies to support. The ability of NI equipment to integrate power monitoring and process control helped NUCOR improve efficiency for the steel recycling process while minimizing the impact to the electrical grid and neighboring power consumers.

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National Instruments tools for power monitoring and analysis help you design a custom solution for your application. Modular components built around a programmable control system enable custom channel counts as well as user-defined algorithms and analysis. Design the whole system to ensure it is compatible with your existing infrastructure.

Electrical Power Measurement Palette for LabVIEW
Download a LabVIEW palette with a collection of common power measurement functions.

Download LabVIEW Palette

Power Quality Monitoring Resource Kit
Download a collection of online resources to help you with your power quality monitoring application.

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Custom Power Measurement System - Rugged

Custom power monitoring and analysis, or RTU design, requires an understanding of real-time OSs, Web development, communication protocols, and algorithm engineering. National Instruments reduces system complexity by using the same software environment, LabVIEW, for all aspects of power monitoring systems.

  • Rugged computing platform
  • Waveform acquisition at up to 50 kS/s per channel
  • Flexible communication and reporting options

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Custom Power Measurement System - Board Level

Some power systems require a board-only form factor for deployment. National Instruments developed NI Single-Board RIO with the same measurement and control components as NI CompactRIO but in a board-level form factor.

  • OEM/board form factor
  • Waveform acquisition at up to 50 kS/s per channel
  • Flexible communication and reporting options

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Benefits of Using NI

  • Implement custom power measurements with LabVIEW
  • Use one software tool for measurement, control, Web interface, and reporting
  • Take advantage of open communication with multiple protocols including DNP3, Modbus, serial, and TCP/IP
  • Process a large amount of data with programmable FPGA technology
  • Integrate sensor and control I/O with power monitoring

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