Wind Condition Monitoring

Developing an Online Wind Farm Condition Monitoring System With Centralized Data Collection

Roberto Arnanz
Fundacion CARTIF

"The graphical programming environment simplified module integration into the R&D phase without any additional costs"

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Because of the tight margins in wind energy, evolving turbine designs, and the offshore trend, it is more important than ever to reduce operating costs. Condition-based maintenance systems help decrease unscheduled outages and optimize machine performance while reducing maintenance and repair costs. NI hardware and software solutions are deployed around the globe in remote wind turbine monitoring and factory acceptance test systems.

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Learn how you can use NI hardware and software to implement a condition monitoring system. With NI tools, you can build a simple, portable data logger; an advanced industrial online monitoring system; or a high-powered factory test cell. Explore how NI platforms can acquire and analyze data on complex systems, from remote wind turbines to gearbox dynamometers.

NI InsightCM™ Enterprise

  • Built-in analytics and alarming capabilities, and remote interactive visualization of waveform data
  • Easily scalable to hundreds of acquisition devices per server
  • Support for vibration and process measurements using integrated hardware options
  • Remote management of monitoring systems and users
  • IT-friendly security features include user and device authentication

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NI InsightCM™ Enterprise

Learn about our integrated hardware and software solution for online condition monitoring.

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