Oil and Gas Condition Monitoring

Monitoring and Analyzing Oil Well Fracture Pumps

Robert Stewart, CEO
Lime Instruments, LLC

"LabVIEW has made the software development side much quicker than our past experiences in C-based programming. What most C programmers take two years to do, we can accomplish in a couple of months. We can use that time savings to get to market quicker and capitalize on our competitors’ lag time."

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NI is empowering engineers to develop industrial embedded systems for the monitoring and control of oil and gas assets. Because of the high investment cost of oil and gas systems, a condition monitoring system is especially important. Condition-based maintenance systems help decrease unscheduled outages and optimize machine performance while reducing maintenance and repair costs. NI hardware and software solutions are deployed around the globe in oil and gas upstream, midstream, and downstream applications.

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Learn how you can use NI hardware and software to implement a machine condition monitoring system. With NI tools, you can build a simple portable data logger or an advanced online monitoring system. Explore best practices for building and deploying applications and for storing and managing the data you acquire.

NI InsightCM™ Enterprise

This ready-to-run integrated hardware and software solution for online condition monitoring helps companies gain insight and improve operations and maintenance programs by understanding the health of rotating machinery. This extensible suite acquires and analyzes measurements, generates alarms, gives users the ability to visualize and manage data and results, and simplifies remote management for large numbers of monitoring systems.

  • Built-in analytics and alarming capabilities, and remote interactive visualization of waveform data
  • Easily scalable to hundreds of acquisition devices per server
  • Support for vibration and process measurements using integrated hardware options
  • Support for vibration and process measurements using integrated hardware options
  • IT-friendly security features include user and device authentication

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NI InsightCM™ Enterprise

Learn about our integrated hardware and software solution for online condition monitoring.

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