Condition Monitoring for Industrial and Rotating Equipment

Maintenance, operations, and reliability engineers and technicians rely on condition monitoring and predictive maintenance techniques to ensure critical equipment such as turbines, generators, pumps, compressors, and motors operate more efficiently and last longer.

For more than 15 years, industries have used the CompactRIO platform to monitor the health and condition of fleetwide equipment and processes to ensure the reliability and efficient operation of rotating and industrial equipment.

Industrial Manufacturing Condition Monitoring

  • Solutions for process and discrete manufacturing
  • Steel mills, semiconductor fabs, consumer goods, and chemicals
  • Platforms for portable and distributed monitoring and factory test

Heavy Equipment Condition Monitoring

  • Solutions for mining, construction, and agriculture equipment
  • Increased asset reliability to manage industry profitability constraints
  • Monitoring of shovels, trucks, and other equipment

Transportation Condition Monitoring

  • Solutions for rail, marine, and aerospace
  • Distributed remote monitoring for mobile assets
  • Integration of vibration and electrical power monitoring

Oil and Gas Condition Monitoring

  • Solutions for extraction, pipelines, and refining
  • Easy integration with a variety of sensors for turbomachinery monitoring
  • Advanced software that provides powerful analysis functions such as order analysis and envelope detection

Wind Condition Monitoring

  • Low cost of entry for up-tower, embedded, and online monitoring
  • High-performance, high-channel-count systems for efficient dynamometer and factory assurance testing
  • Embedded processing for real-time signal analysis, data logging, and control

Power Generation

  • Solutions for fossil, nuclear, and hydro power plants
  • Monitoring for critical equipment and balance-of-plant assets
  • Fleetwide diagnostics such as vibration to meet increasing reliability demands

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