Statement From the CEO (2016)

Engineers and scientists play a critical role in improving everyday life and meeting the engineering grand challenges we face today and in the future. They create technologies that bring efficiency to our lives, keep us safe, and create a sustainable future. For nearly four decades, NI’s mission has been to help engineers and scientists do their jobs more efficiently, so they can develop these solutions faster.

I believe that engineers and scientists are key to making the world a better place, and that we can accomplish more through our products and technology than we can by working on any one problem. In thousands of applications in nearly every industry, engineers and scientists use NI products to work toward solutions to the most pressing problems we face today, from creating better medical diagnostic tools to finding renewable sources of energy. I’m proud to be a part of this; I can’t think of a higher purpose a company can have than empowering the innovators of the world to do more.

In addition, I strongly believe in the principles of conscious capitalism—higher purpose, conscious leadership, stakeholder orientation, and conscious culture. NI has upheld these principles from the start, and continues to do so today. The most significant impact that we can have on society is through our technology and the amazing work of our customers. We make this impact, and ensure NI’s long-term growth, by carefully balancing the needs of each of our key stakeholders—employees, customers, partners, and shareholders—in our long-term decision making and business operations. Our goal is to create shared value between each of these key stakeholders and society as a whole.

At NI, we not only work to accelerate innovation and discovery among today’s engineers, but for the engineers of tomorrow as well. The projected demand for science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) professionals far outpaces the number of students graduating with STEM degrees. Inspiring and preparing students to pursue STEM careers is critical to the world we will live in decades from now, and for the future of our business.

We believe the best way to encourage students to become the next generation of innovators is to provide engaging experiences with real-world engineering tools. NI software powers the LEGO® MINDSTORMS® EV3 platform and we recently launched the roboRIO controller for the FIRST Robotics Competition. This year, NI myRIO embedded hardware will be made available to World Robot Olympiad teams. All of these products are built on the same technology we create for professional engineers, which offers students experience they can build on throughout their academic careers and into industry.

Innovators in emerging nations are also critical as these nations are quickly growing into a more significant part of our global economy. Through the Planet NI program, we ensure that engineers in emerging nations also have access to NI technology and training to effect sustainable change in their communities. The Planet NI program is currently working with the World Bank and United States Agency for International Development (USAID) to provide technology to researchers in emerging countries who are working on projects with significant social and environmental impact.

It is our corporate culture and the dedication of our employees to serving a higher purpose that make all of this possible. I am honored that over the years, at least 10 NI offices around the world have been named to the Great Place to Work list in their respective countries, and I am proud of the culture of innovation we have maintained. Our promise has been, and continues to be, providing the best engineering tools available so engineers and scientists can focus on improving everyday life. I hope you’ll learn more about our efforts to create shared value to each of our key stakeholders and how we are ensuring long-term success through innovation at I welcome your feedback.

Best regards,
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Dr. James Truchard
Chairman of the Board, Former CEO and President, 1976-2016, NI

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