Operations and Supply Chain

NI works with suppliers who are invested in being responsible corporate citizens. NI also complies with international standards that regulate environmental management and manufacturing operations.

Supplier Requirements

To set expectations with suppliers, NI requires the following from its direct material suppliers:

  • Acknowledgement of the NI Supplier Code of Conduct, which encourages compliance with the Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition (EICC) Code of Conduct for the fair treatment of workers, a healthy and safe work environment, the protection of the environment, and business ethics. As of 2014, 80 percent of the total supplier base has agreed to the Code of Conduct.
  • Participation in the NI supplier assessment survey. NI sends this assessment to all new suppliers in the global NI supply base to ensure suppliers comply with key initiatives such as RoHS, REACH, the Conflict Minerals Trade Act, and the NI Supplier Code of Conduct.
  • Completion of an additional risk assessment survey (RA1) from the EICC. The RA1 assesses the likelihood of regulatory noncompliance and nonconformance with the EICC Code of Conduct as well as the risk to reputation caused by poor performance in the areas of social, environmental, and ethical responsibility.

NI tracks the performance of its direct material suppliers with quarterly business reviews and a supplier scorecard, which uses a scoring system that tracks the existence of social, environmental, and ethical programs.

Manufacturing Operations

The following environmental policy covering manufacturing operations was approved by the NI Board of Directors and adopted in 1994: "National Instruments manufacturing operations is committed to maintaining an environmental management system that complies with all applicable legal environmental regulations and requirements, prevents pollution, and continually improves environmental performance through regular reviews of environmental goals, objectives, and targets."

Two of the three NI manufacturing facilities—one in Austin, Texas, and one in Debrecen, Hungary—are certified to ISO 14001, which is a series of international standards that cover environmental aspects that the organization controls and can influence. In 2015, NI will pursue conformance with the ISO 14001 standard for the NI manufacturing facility in Penang, Malaysia, by completing internal audits. The NI manufacturing facility in Penang is also working toward conformance with the OHSAS 18001 standard, which helps companies control occupational health and safety risks.

Manufacturing Site Environmental Permits and Registrations

Manufacturing Site Regional Permits and Registrations
Debrecen, Hungary

Hungarian Ministry

For information about waste registration, contact Timea Szucs, 9001 36 52 4600, at NI Hungary.

Hungarian Regional

Air Emissions Permit

Wastewater Permit

Penang, Malaysia

Malaysia (Penang)

Air Emission Permits

Air Emission Permits

Air Emission Permits

Air Emission Permits

NI manufacturing facilities are located in Debrecen, Hungary; and Penang, Malaysia