NI Culture and Stakeholder Engagement

NIs’ industry leadership is built on proven technology, visionary executive management, and sustained growth. Managed for the long term, the company balances the needs of each of its key stakeholders and is committed to innovation, continuous improvement, and customer success. The company’s long-term view, known as the 100-year plan, balances the NI vision and culture with short-term business needs.

NI aggressively invests not only in product design and development but also in maintaining its unique corporate culture that serves as a key differentiator and competitive advantage. This collaborative, entrepreneurial culture spurs innovation in every area of the business and empowers employees to create technology that helps customers and partners address the world’s greatest engineering challenges.

The following underlying NI core values are central to the company’s corporate culture and are present in day-to-day interactions and the way NI does business:

  • Constant respect for people
  • Uncompromising honesty and integrity
  • Dedication to serving customers
  • Commitment to innovation and continuous improvement

The following table lists examples of how NI engages with its key stakeholders.

Stakeholder Group Tools and Processes Frequency
Employees Company meetings Semiannual
Employee Appreciation Week at corporate headquarters Annual
Business alignment discussions Quarterly
Town hall gatherings Ongoing
Performance reviews Annual
An open-door management policy known as sneaker management Ongoing
Philanthropic funding advisory council Annual
NI Talk internal collaboration tool Ongoing
Internal e-newsletter Weekly
NIWeb intranet and wiki Ongoing
Customers NIWeek, the company's annual customer and technology conference and regional NIDays held at NI offices around the world Annual
Online discussion forums and user community Ongoing
User group meetings around the world Ongoing
Direct sales force Ongoing
Contact forms, including technical support, customer service, and product feedback Ongoing
Customer loyalty, surveys Semiannual
Customer advisory boards and regional advisory councils at which NI facilitates discussions with key customers about its products, technologies, and industry trends Ongoing
Lead user programs to identify and receive product feedback Ongoing
Suppliers Procurement and purchasing resources Ongoing
Supplier appreciation event Annual
Business reviews with key suppliers Ongoing
Business review presentations by suppliers Quarterly
Supplier Shared Value survey Annual
Shareholders Earnings conference call and webcast Quarterly
Reports Quarterly/annual
NIWeek investor conference Anunal
Shareholder meeting Annual
Financial community event participation Ongoing
SEC filings Annual