Employee Communications

A key to the strong culture and high level of trust at NI is ensuring timely, honest, and accurate communication with employees worldwide. Dr. James Truchard, NI president, CEO, and cofounder, who is commonly known around NI as Dr. T, and other NI leadership communicate openly and honestly about important business topics. Town hall sessions and quarterly business discussions encourage open communication from leaders to employees. Dr. T’s “sneaker management” philosophy emphasizes walking around and talking to employees face-to-face. He believes that talking to people directly remains the best way to understand employee concerns and questions. Regular one-on-one meetings with managers and their employees promote further collaboration and access to feedback channels.

Other NI employee communication tools include the following:

  • Business discussions with NI leaders covering financial updates, company successes, and employee calls to action
  • Company meetings for all employees twice a year
  • A weekly internal newsletter that aims to publicize corporate and international news as well as raise business acumen among employees worldwide
  • A crisis response team dedicated to preparing communication in the event of a crisis

Employee Recognition

NI recognizes employees for their outstanding work in a variety of ways including monetary compensation and special activities. NI’s employee recognition efforts help foster the company’s people advantage. For example, each month, Dr. T shows his appreciation to the employees who grow their careers at the company by paying them special recognition as they reach their five-, 10-, 15-, and 20-year service anniversary milestones. Dr. T also inducts 25-year employees into the NI Quarter Century Club at a dinner event. NI headquarters, along with several branches such as the Penang branch, also host an annual Employee Appreciation Week. Employees are encouraged to attend the week’s information sessions, development activities, and deck party to celebrate their hard work.

Employee Events

NI offices worldwide celebrate the traits that make NI unique—innovation, generosity, playful spirit, teamwork, and pride—during internal events throughout the year that help employees share successes, mark significant milestones, and just have fun. For example, in 2014 NI Hungary hosted more than 1,500 employees and their families at its annual Family Days

NI Code of Ethics

The NI Code of Ethics complies with the applicable requirements of the SEC and NASDAQ. The company requires all employees and leadership to read and understand the NI Code of Ethics, uphold the standards in day-to-day activities, and comply with the applicable policies. The NI Code of Ethics training is distributed during even-numbered years, and specialized trainings for specific jobs are distributed during odd-numbered years. All new employees are required to take the trainings as part of the onboarding process. In 2014, 100 percent of employees completed the Code of Ethics training.

Dr. Truchard Speaking at One of the Semi-Annual Company Meetings