People and Culture

The greatest and most sustainable long-term competitive advantage for NI is our employees, who directly influence the culture and the company’s continued success. As NI continues to steadily grow, we must ensure that our “people platform” strategy delivers a great employee experience that fuels engagement, professional growth for individuals and profitability for the company. NI is committed to be a visionary company that is built to last and a place where people love what they do, bring who they are and feel like their work is making a difference.

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Develop a Diverse and Inclusive Environment

NI strives to unleash the potential of all our people by creating an inclusive environment where everyone can thrive, contribute and be their full, authentic selves.

Create a Meaningful Employee Experience

NI is a place where our people can innovate and make an impact, develop their skills through challenging work and know that their engagement matters.

Inspire Employee Passion and Well-Being

Through impactful offerings, NI encourages our people to care for their own personal well-being and that of the communities where we work and live.



NI offices recognized by the Great Place to Work Institute


of pre-tax profits donated


below global industry average turnover rate

Mike Wiltberger

Customer, OptiMedica

"My company, OptiMedica, is all LabVIEW. Without NI and their world-changing work, I wouldn’t be able to help people with cataracts to regain their vision. NI got me where I am today, and their people are the best to work with.”