NI Approach to Shared Value

National Instruments works to create shared value for the company’s key stakeholders and society. NI believes that the company can make the biggest impact by leveraging its engineering expertise to address critical social issues and equipping engineers with tools that accelerate innovation and discovery.

Shared value is integrated throughout the business at NI—from grassroots, employee-led efforts to cross-organizational, multifaceted programs that span several countries. In many cases, the company’s shared value goals support its top-level business and operational goals, and in every case, its shared value efforts support the company mission and long-term success.

By creating shared value, NI focuses on the issues that impact the company and society the most—meeting the world’s most critical engineering challenges, preparing the next generation of engineers, and improving human life and the health of the planet.

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About This Report

The 2013 NI Shared Value Report describes NI shared value performance in fiscal year 2013, which ended December 31, 2013. NI used the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Sustainability Reporting Guidelines (G3) to prepare this report, and an index to the disclosures and indicators is available here.

Previous reports (PDFs) are available for download:

Managing Shared Value Performance
Shared Value is part of the company’s 100-year plan. To drive performance in these areas, NI relies on its board of directors, a steering team, a cross-functional committee, and NI employees.

A cross-functional committee oversees shared value activities and measures performance throughout the company. In addition, employees play an integral role in achieving shared value goals that range from developing innovative products to identifying opportunities to reduce energy use at company facilities. Cross-functional employee teams, such as the NI Green Team, are crucial for driving success on various aspects of shared value.

NI executive leadership reviews shared value performance and goals throughout the year. The Audit Committee of the NI Board of Directors oversees the company’s performance in accounting and financial reporting as well as the company’s compliance with the NI Code of Ethics and financial, environmental, and equal employment opportunity regulations.