Incubation Centers and Innovation Spaces

Startups and entrepreneurs require a network of support and services to create a company. NI partners with local high-tech incubation centers, accelerators, and innovation spaces in emerging markets to provide access to industry-grade development tools for their tenants. With the graphical system design platform, small teams of domain experts can quickly move from concept design to a functional prototype and beyond to include validation, testing, and, in many cases, final deployment. The development tools along with technical training and mentoring plays a transformative role in getting to the next phase of funding.

NI works with select centers to develop partnerships that can sustainably support the creation of new high-value-add, technology-based companies for the locale. We are currently working with partners in Ethiopia, Vietnam, India, Lebanon, Malaysia and Mexico and can contact the local NI office to further discuss plans and initiatives.

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Enabling SMEs With the National Instruments Academy & Innovation Nucleus

NI established the National Instruments Academy & Innovation Nucleus (NI-AIN) in collaboration with Technology Park Malaysia Corporation Sdn Bhd and SME Corp. NI-AIN works to help and support the building of a Test and Measurement Innovation Hub in the industrial corridors of Malaysia.

As a shared laboratory infrastructure powered by NI technology, NI-AIN lowers entry barriers and provides access to facilities for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to nurture innovation, develop the talent pool, build capabilities, and promote intellectual property creation among SMEs in Malaysia. Operational since 2013, the shared laboratory is hosted at Technology Park of Malaysia.

Accelerating Innovation and Entrepreneurship for Development Through Public-Private Partnerships

Dr. Bhaskar Ramamurthi

Director IITM

“I am very glad to see this highly synergistic partnership between NI and HTIC that brings together NI’s powerful design platforms and HTIC’s dynamic med-tech innovation capabilities to develop high impact medical devices.”