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The resource center answers questions and provides information on how to get involved with Planet NI program.

I am a small or medium business. How can I apply and work with the Planet NI program to implement my product or solution?

Established SMEs as well as individuals and startups in the early entrepreneurial stages can qualify. Contact your local office to inquire about its application process. If you don’t have an office in your country, contact and we will review your request.


I am a local media representative. May I interview someone about how Planet NI programs are impacting my community?

Please contact for all media inquiries and additional program information from specific regions.


How can I find my local contact information?

You can find direct contact information on the local branch pages. Visit your branch website on the Planet NI Program in Emerging Countries Around the World page.


When did the Planet NI program start?

Planet NI program started in India in 2008. Since then, Planet NI has been working toward its goal of empowering engineers and students through steady expansion into other developing countries. Today, the Planet NI program is active in 15 countries.


Will the Planet NI program continue to expand?

Yes. NI has a business plan to support strategic growth of the program, which includes growth in existing regions and expansion into new countries.


Is the Planet NI program a nonprofit or a foundation?

The Planet NI program is not a foundation or a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. The Planet NI program is part of our long-term business strategy for emerging markets and supports our global corporate responsibility efforts. By working to empower engineers in developing countries, we create long-term commercial value for NI in a way that also creates value for society.


Is the Planet NI program a grant program?

No, the Planet NI program goes far beyond having a copy of NI LabVIEW software or receiving a lab donation. NI’s tools require a complete ecosystem of products including PCs, power, training on the development tools, access to technical support, and technical consultations. The Planet NI program carefully selects organizations to ensure the successful use of NI products during the implementation of the project.  


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