Sustainable Success

For nearly four decades, NI has worked toward its long-term mission of accelerating productivity, innovation, and discovery among engineers and scientists. NI does this by equipping engineers with tools that simplify development and increase efficiency, helping them create smarter, more advanced products and technologies. These technologies are used to address the world’s most pressing challenges, from developing better medical diagnostic and treatment tools to finding new sources of renewable energy.

To ensure we are prepared to meet the challenges of tomorrow, NI also works to accelerate innovation and discovery among the next generation of engineers and scientists. Through engaging, relevant, and hands-on experiences, NI fosters a love of engineering in today’s students, inspiring and preparing them to become tomorrow’s innovators.

Achieving Our Mission

Equipping Engineers and Scientists

Each year, 35,000 companies use NI tools to create new products, control mission-critical systems, make new discoveries, and push the boundaries of what’s possible. NI ensures that engineers in developing nations who face extraordinary barriers to technology adoption also have access to NI technology and training through the Planet NI signature program.

Solving Engineering Grand Challenges

It’s up to engineers and scientists to improve the quality of life and meet the engineering grand challenges of the 21st century. The work of NI customers today will lead to breakthroughs that will change the world we’ll live in years from now. To support this work, NI invests in lead user programs, student design competitions, and grant funding for critical areas.

Inspiring the Next Generation of Innovators

More than 8,000 educational institutions use NI products to teach fundamental math and engineering concepts through hands-on experiences that connect theory with the real world. NI also works to inspire and prepare students outside of the classroom, supporting student robotics programs by contributing time, technology, and funds.

Dr. James Truchard

NI Cofounder, President, and CEO

"Empowering the current and future innovators of the world is at the core of our business and corporate responsibility efforts. This is how we create shared value and ensure sustainable success for our key stakeholders and for society."