Sustainable Success

National Instruments’ mission is to accelerate productivity, innovation, and discovery. NI does this by equipping engineers with tools to make smarter, more advanced systems by simplifying development and increasing efficiency. These technologies can help them address the world’s most pressing challenges, from developing better medical diagnostic and treatment tools to finding new sources of renewable energy. NI’s mission extends to the future generation of engineers and scientists as well, through efforts to inspire and prepare the next-generation of innovations through hands-on experiences with real-world engineering tools.

Achieving Our Mission

Equipping Engineers and Scientists

Each year, 35,000 companies use NI tools to push the boundaries of what is possible. NI ensures engineers in developing nations who face extraordinary barriers to innovation also have access to NI tools through the Planet NI program.

Solving Engineering Grand Challenges

The work of NI customers today will lead to breakthroughs that will change the world we will live in years from now. To support this work, NI invests in lead user programs, student design competitions, and grant funding for critical areas.

Inspiring the Next Generation of Innovators

More than 8,000 educational institutions rely on NI products to provide students with a unique approach to learning engineering concepts. NI also works to engage students outside of the classroom through robotics programs.

Dr. James Truchard

NI President, CEO, and Cofounder

“Empowering the current and future innovators of the world is at the core of our business. This is how we create shared value and ensure sustainable success for our key stakeholders and for society.”