Our Vision

“The platform-based approach aims to do for test and measurement what the spreadsheet did for financial analysis—and—to do for embedded systems what the PC did for the desktop.” Dr. James Truchard

To harness the rapid pace of change and increasing complexity of engineering, you must think differently about how to solve your system problem.

Explore NI LabVIEW system design software at the heart of the graphical system design approach


With the NI platform-based approach, you can design systems at the right level—from using small robots to inspire student engagement in engineering to launching the most advanced rockets into space—using a single software framework and reconfigurable hardware. Focus on the solution to your problem by abstracting complexity through software and removing the unnecessary constraints fixed-function tools cause.

Simplify complexity with LabVIEW


Invest in tools that allow you to adapt to changing requirements over time while optimizing both performance and cost. By taking advantage of the most advanced components available today, National Instruments delivers solutions that harness rapid technology change to empower you with the most effective tools.

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Build solutions supported by a thriving community of users, partners, tools, and IP that help ensure your success. National Instruments provides global services and support as part of its commitment to your effort in building and maintaining high-quality measurement and control systems using a graphical system design approach.

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