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Life at NI

Venture within National Instruments cohesive environment and discover NI culture - a family-oriented, open atmosphere for interaction that emphasizes individuality, respect, growth, and ownership.

NI was built on creative opportunity, entrepreneurial spirit, and team camaraderie and we continue those traditions today. Driven by personal pride for the company and sincere belief in its innovative products, NI employees thrive in a challenging environment that promotes trust and honesty. Some call it a "fun" place, one that applies a light-hearted approach toward serious business. Others respect its leaders for allowing "people to be people," for a adopting a human approach toward management and administration.

Throughout NI's history CEO and co-founder Dr. James Truchard, affectionately referred to by employees as Dr. T, has placed a strong emphasis on the importance of communicating with employees. In the company's early days, all employees fit into one room to hear directly from Dr. T once a week. He walked the hallways talking one-on-one with each employee, coining the phrase "sneaker management."

As NI has grown into a global organization with thousands of employees, this "sneaker management" philosophy has been woven into our global culture. From personal gatherings and meetings that begin with success stories to electronic employee newsletters that carry the latest news, the entire company is continually updated on employee accomplishments and company successes as well as challenges. NI also sponsors an annual company picnic and regularly hosts deck parties to celebrate its accomplishments.

The success of its employees is considered central to the success of other NI stakeholders, as shown in the triangle below. Employees wear this mission on their badge and it is prominently displayed throughout the buildings on the NI campus.

Vision & Culture

This culture is award winning as FORTUNE magazine annually has named NI one of the best companies to work for in America from 2000 through 2008.

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