Statement From the CEO

National Instruments has a partnership with the innovators of the world. We equip engineers and scientists with tools that accelerate productivity, innovation, and discovery. We recognize the evolving needs of these innovators and help them more effectively develop solutions that improve the quality of life and meet the engineering grand challenges we face today, from developing better medical diagnostic and treatment tools to finding renewable energy alternatives. And we foster a love of engineering in today’s students, inspiring and preparing them to become tomorrow’s innovators..

The projected demand for science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) professionals outpaces the number of students graduating with STEM degrees in nearly every country. These future innovators are critical to preparing us for the world we will live in decades from now. We believe the best way to encourage students to pursue STEM careers is to provide engaging experiences with real-world engineering tools. This is why NI supplies the technology that powers student robotics competitions, encourages employees to serve as robotics mentors in classrooms, and partners with mission-aligned nonprofits. Last year, 300 employees served as robotics mentors, NI donated half a million dollars’ worth of technology for robotics competitions, and 70 percent of corporate philanthropy was allocated to education-based initiatives.

Innovators in emerging nations are also critical to our future sustainable development because these nations are quickly growing into a more significant part of our global economy. In 2012, we created a new geographical territory in Asia to better meet the unique needs of innovators in emerging markets. And our commitment to innovators extends far beyond our current customer base in these regions. Through the Planet NI program, NI ensures that engineers who face extraordinary barriers to technology adoption also have access to NI technology and training to effect sustainable change in their communities. This program operates in 21 countries and has supported more than 230 small and medium enterprises to date.

Empowering the current and future innovators of the world is at the core of our business and corporate responsibility efforts. This is how we create shared value and ensure sustainable success for our key stakeholders—employees, customers, suppliers, and shareholders—and for society. It is our corporate culture and the dedication of our employees that make this possible. I am honored NI was once again named to the Great Place to Work’s list of the World’s 25 Best Multinational Workplaces and am proud of the culture of innovation we have maintained for more than three decades.

I hope you’ll learn more about our corporate responsibility efforts and how we are ensuring long-term success through innovation at I welcome your feedback.

Best regards,
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Dr. James Truchard
President, Chief Executive Officer, and Cofounder, National Instruments