Minimize Our Environmental Impact

Throughout company facilities and the entire product life cycle, National Instruments consistently works toward its long-term goal to minimize its environmental footprint. This commitment includes setting expectations with suppliers, recycling old NI products, and finding ways to conserve resources such as water, electricity, and natural gas. To achieve these and other goals, the company encourages and supports employees who drive grassroots projects to reduce environmental impact.

In This Section

Product Life Cycle

NI looks for opportunities to improve product development and manufacturing processes, including packaging design.

Conserving Resources

NI conserves resources through its facilities and IT infrastructure by reducing energy consumption, greenhouse gas emissions, water use, and waste, as well as increasing recycling.

Employees Driving Change

NI makes many efforts to minimize environmental impact, and countless projects are driven by individual employees or small groups of employees within the company who are passionate about making a difference.



reduction in packaging materials used for a large-volume hardware product line


reduction in electricity used per employee at NI headquarters and NI Hungary


electric vehicle charging stations installed at headquarters

Philip C. Samaro

Global Operations Manager, Sunbelt Supply LLCa

“The National Instruments supplier program is an excellent example of corporate responsibility. Following NI’s lead, we have implemented similar programs such as EICC compliance, a supplier code of conduct, and employee philanthropy and volunteerism programs. We have seen success with these programs at headquarters as well as in our Hungary and Malaysia offices.”