The CompactRIO Advantage

The CompactRIO platform features highly integrated software, a range of performance and form factor options, and extensive I/O to reduce risk, boost system performance, and simplify the design of advanced embedded control and monitoring systems.

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Reduce Risk With Rugged, Reliable Systems

NI has invested thousands of person-years in this proven, validated, certified, and rugged hardware and software platform that tens of thousands of customers have deployed. With industry certifications and wide-temperature range, thermal, EMC/ESD, and shock and vibration testing, the rugged CompactRIO platform helps you to deploy reliable systems that last. Plus, benefit from a wide-range of services, outstanding customer support, and the industry’s most extensive ecosystem.

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Boost System Performance

CompactRIO controllers offer the performance to execute advanced control algorithms with deterministic response times and low latency. Take advantage of the latest advancements in processing and heterogeneous computing elements including ARM-based Xilinx Zynq SoCs as well as quad-core Intel Atom processors and Xilinx Kintex-7 FPGAs. Also, take advantage of NI’s decades of leadership in acquiring high-quality signals with measurement-specific signal conditioning, built-in isolation, and industrial I/O.

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Simplify System Design

Eliminate the need for separate subsystems by connecting to sensors, displays, cameras, motors, databases, and the enterprise directly from CompactRIO controllers. Create a powerful system that you can customize and reconfigure through software—even after deployment.

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Innovate With a Platform

With highly integrated software, a community of users and IP, extensive I/O, and a range of embedded controllers across a variety of form factors, a single platform can help you to meet the unique needs of any embedded application.

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Develop Faster

Built-in constructs help you to manage timing and memory in an intuitive programming environment and over 950 available functions assist with signal processing, analysis, control, and mathematics. Use built-in drivers and APIs to move data between components so you can focus on innovation, not implementation.

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Keep Critical Assets Operational

With dedicated condition monitoring software and high-quality I/O, the CompactRIO platform integrates sensor measurements, analytics, data storage, alarms, and viewers in a single tool. This means you can spend less time collecting data and more time analyzing and acting on it to ensure the uptime of critical assets.

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Unlock the Power of FPGAs

From high-speed signal and image processing to custom timing and ultra-precise control, FPGAs deliver the performance and reliability to meet even the most demanding technical requirements. Use the LabVIEW graphical environment to program the onboard FPGA and unlock the incredible power of these devices without any knowledge of hardware description languages or placing and routing tools.

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Overcome Challenges and Maintain Your Systems

NI offers services and support for everyone, from small companies to large enterprises. Get assistance with training and technical support; develop faster with professional system integration, consulting, and design services; and maintain your systems with calibration, repair, and life-cycle management services.

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