CompactRIO Application Areas

Intelligent Systems for the Industrial Internet of Things

Airbus Improves Production Quality With Factory of the Future

"There is no comparison to the software integration offered by NI. We estimate that our time to deliver with the [CompactRIO System on Module] is a tenth of the time using alternative approaches because of the productivity gains of NI’s approach to system design."

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Industrial Machine Control

Master Machinery Accelerates Development With Integrated Motion and Vision

"We used a platform that empowered us to truly reconfigure the hardware of the system with a productive software environment.... We believe that by using the integrated NI hardware and software platform we can continue our development to find even better and faster machine building solutions."

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Power Electronics and Inverter Control

Dynapower Boosts Performance While Reducing Development Cost and Risk

"[The CompactRIO platform] gave us 40 times more performance per dollar than the traditional digital signal processors we used in the past. The LabVIEW toolchain and development platforms reduced our development cost and risk significantly, compared to a full custom controller design."

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Condition Monitoring of Rotating Equipment

VESKI Cuts Maintenance Costs in Half With CompactRIO Condition Monitoring System

"The continuous monitoring of vibrations and other signals is critical to predicting mechanical behavior and efficiency.... VESKI, a Croatian-based consulting firm that specializes in vibration analysis and diagnostics, relies on LabVIEW and CompactRIO as the core of its CoDiS monitoring software."

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Power Quality Monitoring

National Grid Prepares Today for the Grid of Tomorrow

"With the advanced processing power of CompactRIO, National Grid UK can easily maintain its network of connected systems and push intelligence down the grid to turn massive amounts of raw data into bits of useful information, keeping the lights on for millions of businesses and homes."

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Transportation and Heavy Equipment

London Underground Improves Safety and Reliability

"We took advantage of the accuracy, reliability, and flexibility of NI hardware and software to implement an innovative system to reduce the lost customer hours experienced on the Victoria Line. The system is forecast to reduce lost customer hours by 39,000 per year—an estimated £350,000 savings per year."

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Hyundai Develops Smart Robotic Exoskeleton 4X Faster With CompactRIO

"Using LabVIEW and [CompactRIO] allowed us to reduce development and test time for our new robot control algorithm to just one week, compared to one month with a text-based approach. We are able to prototype with software and hardware faster and adapt to rapidly changing control requirements."

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Laser Control

OptiMedica Reduced Development Time by 30% With Reconfigurable Hardware

"With a single graphical development platform, we were able to design and prototype the machine quickly and efficiently....The decision to use programmable silicon as opposed to a fixed ASIC chip also reduced our development time by 30 percent."

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Hydraulic Control

EUROelectronics Improves Process Yield With FPGA Motion Control System

"LabVIEW FPGA made it easy to implement the most critical parts of the motion control system...without resorting to low-level development tools, custom circuitry, or programming languages other than LabVIEW.... We were able to go from the prototyping phase to the final setup of the machine in only three weeks."

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