What’s New in CompactDAQ

Synchronize Distributed Measurements Effortlessly

New 4- and 8-slot rugged Ethernet chassis introduce time-based synchronization to the CompactDAQ platform. Simplify synchronization and easily expand your system with an integrated network switch for simple daisy-chaining using a standard Ethernet cable. Cut the costs of cabling and increase accuracy with reliable operation in demanding environments to move closer to your measurement and reduce the length of noise prone sensor wires.

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CompactDAQ Products and Resources

Simplify Your Measurement System

CompactDAQ controllers integrate a processor with high-quality signal conditioned measurements to help you reduce system costs and complexity.

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Download the CompactDAQ System Build Guide

Explore the key components and considerations for successfully building and deploying a CompactDAQ system.

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Software Options to Match Your DAQ Needs

From sensors to decisions, get to your measurements faster without compromising your application requirements.

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