CompactDAQ System Build Guide

This guide is a comprehensive view of the key components and considerations required to successfully deploy a CompactDAQ system. From videos on the out-of-box setup experience to in-depth technical white papers on wiring, each section gives you the insight and confidence to build a customizable system. But a complete system consists of more than just NI components. Included, are sections on the third-party integration experience of peripherals like batteries and WiFi routers as well as mounting and enclosure best practices.

Download the CompactDAQ System Build Guide

NI Components for CompactDAQ Systems

Assembling Your CompactDAQ Hardware

Understand the chassis, controller, and I/O options available on CompactDAQ and view the out-of-box setup experience.

Sensor Connectivity

Discover best practices for determining the appropriate sensor connectivity for your application to achieve the best performance.


Identify the ideal communication bus for your application that uses a CompactDAQ chassis or controller.

Synchronizing Your Signals

Learn how to synchronize multiple channels, modules, and even chassis using CompactDAQ and the NI-DAQmx driver.

Maintaining Your CompactDAQ System

Ensure long-term accuracy with minimum downtime by planning for both repair and calibration.

Completing Your CompactDAQ Systems

Powering Your System

Explore best practices for powering a CompactDAQ system both through the electrical grid and by battery.

Grounding and Isolation

Learn how isolation best practices help you maintain signal integrity and accuracy while ensuring safety and instrument protection. Also, understand how input configuration affects your grounding architecture choice in order to minimize noise in your measurements.

Wireless Communication

Examine the benefits and limitations of different wireless standards that can be used to communicate data to and from a system.

HMI and User Interfaces

View options and details on how to create a local or remote HMI and user interface for a CompactDAQ system.


Read recommendations for choosing the right enclosure for a DAQ system and deploying it successfully in harsh or dirty conditions.


Learn how to correctly mount CompactDAQ for different environments to ensure measurement quality is not affected.