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Embedded Systems "Build vs. Buy" Calculator

This calculator is an online tool that helps you understand the financial benefits and trade-offs between buying off-the-shelf tools from NI versus building a custom solution with traditional design tools, when building embedded control and monitoring systems.

To use the calculator, simply enter the project information for your current or future project using the sliders or the boxes on the left and watch the calculator estimate development costs and time to market of your project.

View the numbers and assumptions behind the calculator

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Learn about NI graphical system design tools and the technical benefits and drawbacks of buying an off-the-shelf solution versus building a custom solution.

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The results provided by the Graphical System Design "Build vs. Buy" Calculator are estimates based on the customer information entered and the results provided by the Graphical System Design "Build vs. Buy" Calculator. Results should be used only as a general guideline when deciding between graphical system design and traditional design methods.