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Remote and Parallel Circuit Simulation
... What's New V14 - Design Flow page. How do I Run a Remote or Parallel Job?   These features ... in the V14.01 release of the AWR Design Environment. If you are interested in using ...
PCB Import and EM Analysis Improvements
What's New with PCB Import and EM Analysis? Quickly cut out the RF sections of the PCB and setup EM analysis Smart selection wizard automatically avoids power/ground nets selection and selects through ...
Network Synthesis
What's New with Network Synthesis Examples and Videos Using the Network Synthesis Wizard for a Power Amplifier This is a load pull based example, in that the goals in the wizard are based directly on measurements ...
What's New in AWR Design Environment v15: AWR Design Environment v15 What's New
... Visit the Announcing v15 page of the Knowledge Base for the most recent information regarding ... than in v14; Time Domain simulations, particularly those with MIMO enabled, may be ...
PCB EM Setup Wizard
The PCB EM Setup wizard is an MWO add-on designed to help set up EM simulation from imported PCB layout.  The two main functions of the wizard are Smart Selection which allows users to quickly and easily ...
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