HASP4 No Longer Supported After V13
... solely to HASP HL and HASP HL (SRM) dongles.  The Flexera documentation in the driver ... they have HASP HL dongles.   AWR customers still using a HASP4 dongle will need to purchase ...
Hardware Key Memory
... updated the HASP HL Pro as the name. the certificate covered this dongle from what I saw ... supplied HASP HL Pro RoHS USB dongle part number FLEXID-ALA-8626. These keys are purchased ...
Check Dongle Type
... FLEXID=9-08f2e9d8:HASP 4 FLEXID=9-46b254a0:HASP HL Number of Keys Checked: 2    
What's New in Analyst-MP 14: Analyst-MP V14-Specific Migration Issues
... newer HASP HL dongle. See the HASP4 No Longer Supported After V13 KB article for ...
How to install hardware key drivers
... Product to HASP HL, Operating System to Windows, and Type to Runtime & Device Driver. ...
What's New in NI AWR Design Environment v14: NI AWR Design Environment 14 What's New
... transition to HASP HL dongles. Remote EM Computing requires the TOK-100 license feature. ...