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API Scripting Guide: Menus
... API > Menus Prev     Next Menus A collection of MWOffice Menu objects. Properties ... Returns: Menu Syntax: Function Add(Caption As String, [Before]) As Menu Clear Description: ...
API Scripting Guide: Menu
... API > Menu Prev     Next Menu An MWOffice Menu object. Properties Name Data Type ...
Missing Menu Commands
... AWRDE, some menu commands are missing or different compared to the description in documentation. ... Click the Menus tab, select the menu with the problem (e.g. Standard or Schematic Design), ...
How to customize toolbars, menus and hot keys
... adding menus and menu selections, and customizing hotkeys.   customized_toolbars_menus/customized_toolbars_menus.png 640 970 customized_toolbars_menus/customized ...
Analyst User Guide: Using Context Menus
... Context Menus Prev     Next Using Context Menus Additional actions are available ... context menu is to press the menu key or application key which is usually between Alt ...
Customize Menus and Hotkeys for Increased Productivity
Test building drop down menus
<select name="CultureInfo" onchange="loadPage(this.value)" id="CultureInfo"> <option value="en-US">Getting Your Disk Serial Number (English)</option> <option value="zh-CN">获取您的磁盘序列号 (Chinese Simplified)</option> ...
Changing the Number of Recent Projects Listed in the File Menu?
... the file menu? Solution The bottom section of the File menu lists the most recent projects ... Projects menu will open a dialog that gives you much more flexibility for sorting, searching ...
How Do I Add Multiple Material Definitions to the Preset Menu Simultaneously
<!--support for adding more predefined material def for add dielectric dialog--> Problem Adding dielectric definitions individually via the Add Dielectric dialog box can be cumbersome. This article describes ...
Get Started | NI AWR Design Environment
... Corporate Menu Free trial Customer portal Global English Japanese Korean Chinese, Simplified ... windows, menus, components, and scripts in preparation for performing linear, nonlinear, ...
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