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API Scripting Guide: Menus
... API > Menus Prev     Next Menus A collection of MWOffice Menu objects. Properties ... Returns: Menu Syntax: Function Add(Caption As String, [Before]) As Menu Clear Description: ...
API Scripting Guide: Menu
... API > Menu Prev     Next Menu An MWOffice Menu object. Properties Name Data Type ...
Analyst User Guide: Using Context Menus
... Context Menus Prev     Next Using Context Menus Additional actions are available ... context menu is to press the menu key or application key which is usually between Alt ...
API Scripting Guide: NI AWR Design Environment Component API
... MenuBars Menu Menus MenuItem MenuItems HotkeyTable HotkeyTables Hotkey Hotkeys CommandTable ...
Analyst User Guide: 2.1. Components of the Design Environment
... drop-down menu. You can right-click some of the nodes in the Navigator to access menus ... drop-down menu. You can right-click the Browser nodes to access menus of relevant commands. ...
Missing Menu Commands
... AWRDE, some menu commands are missing or different compared to the description in documentation. ... Click the Menus tab, select the menu with the problem (e.g. Standard or Schematic Design), ...
How to customize toolbars, menus and hot keys
... adding menus and menu selections, and customizing hotkeys.   customized_toolbars_menus/customized_toolbars_menus.png 640 970 customized_toolbars_menus/customized ...
How Do I Add Multiple Material Definitions to the Preset Menu Simultaneously
<!--support for adding more predefined material def for add dielectric dialog--> Problem Adding dielectric definitions individually via the Add Dielectric dialog box can be cumbersome. This article describes ...
Getting Started With Customization
... toolbars or menus, using scripting to automate repetitive tasks, and changing the NI AWR ... toolbar and menu documentation to learn how to start your own toolbar and menu customization ...
How Do I Fix DC Problem In Data Files
... scripts menu (Scripts > Data > DC_Network_Setup). When you run the script you will ...
Customize Menus and Hotkeys for Increased Productivity
Turn Off Snapping Grid
... Snapping Grid menu which applies to the active window only.   Layout with Grid On   How to change from the View menu Layout with Grid Off
Measurement Trace Colors
... pull-down menu, there is now a custom menu item.   When you select custom, a new dialog ...
Status Bar
... using menus or toolbar items, view the status bar at the bottom of the NI AWR Design ... Project menu selected,  The status bar will display, As a second example, with the ...
Mouse 4 and 5 Buttons For Editing Subcircuits
... from the menus.   This will open up the selected subcircuit in the same window. Now ... from the menus.  This will push up one level of the hierarchy. Now you can use mouse ...
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