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Protocol Aware Test System (by Konrad Technologies)

FPGA-Based Test System for RFID Devices Based on PXI

  • Parallel test of up to 64 DUTs with real-time, deterministic response
  • Supports a wide frequency range for RFID (LF, HF, UHF - DC…1 GHz)
  • Extendable FPGA real-time engine for protocol implementation
  • Modular platform based on PXI and ABex®
  • Communication test of all ISO standards with flexible signal parameterization
  • Real-time DUT responses with complete protocol handling

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The Protocol Aware Test System, KT-7200 FINN, allows parallel testing on devices under test (DUTs), which communicate asynchronously via digital ISO protocols. The test engineer can edit each communication parameter in a comfortable manner, either by modifying or reusing existing protocols. Powerful CODECs and error search algorithms (e.g., CRC) can be used to test products like RFID tags, RFID readers, keyless access, keyless go, smartcards, e-passports, and other communication devices.

The test system is implemented using Analog Bus eXtensions for PXI (ABex) - an open extension for the PXI system platform, developed by Konrad Technologies. When test requirements change, the scalable system architecture allows you to quickly integrate analog, digital, DC parametric, and mixed-signal instrumentation into your test system. Specially developed ABex terminal modules contain all the necessary protocol aware functions as well as debugging support.

The test system uses NI field-programmable gate array (FPGA)-based R Series instruments with the NI LabVIEW FPGA Module to deliver deterministic, real-time response with DUTs. The test system is equipped with a versatile and reliable DUT interface suitable for mass production use. An operator interface built on NI TestStand software offers an advanced test executive for production test engineers.

About Konrad Technologies

Konrad Technologies manufactures ATE systems and custom test solutions for a wide variety of industries, including electronic manufacturing, automotive, aerospace, medical, and semiconductor industries. Applications include functional test, in-circuit test, AOI test, and RF test solutions. For the semiconductor industry, Konrad offers test solutions for products throughout design validation, characterization, and beyond production. The Konrad test platform, Analog Bus eXtensions for PXI (ABex), is based on a modular design and uses off-the-shelf instrumentation. Their configurable test systems share a common software and hardware architecture with flexible front ends to cover the requirements for applications such as digital, analog, automotive, mixed signal, system on a chip (SOC), radio frequency (RF), and microelectromechanical system (MEMS) for pattern or protocol aware testing.

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