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Digital Semiconductor Validation Test

This digital semiconductor validation test system is designed to test the digital characteristics of a CMOS chip. It comprises a hardware and software component. Here you can find detailed information and example code to perform memory tests and bit error rate tests (BERT) on a CMOS chip.

System Hardware

The system hardware consists of a source measure unit (SMU) and a high-speed digital board. The SMU powers the device under test (DUT). The high-speed digital board provides the ability to communicate and exercise the DUT with stimulus signals as well as measure the DUT's response to these signals. Tests performed include the bit error rate test (BERT) and memory tests. Serial protocol communication (in other words, SPI, JTAG, and I2C) can also be done via this hardware setup.

System Software

The system software consists of test code and test management sequence. The test code is used to configure hardware devices for appropriate measurements. It is also used for data processing and analysis. Each test is written as a separate module. The test management sequence organizes individual test code modules and provides a framework for adding more tests in the future.


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