Build a Better Automated Test System

As device complexity increases, engineers must find ways to increase throughput and explore lower cost solutions. NI helps thousands of companies across industries build more effective automated test and measurement systems. With this approach, you can build test systems based on flexible hardware and scalable software resulting in savings in capital equipment, system development, and maintenance costs while realizing faster test execution.

Reduced Capital Equipment Costs and System Size

Remove redundancy by sharing the PC, chassis, power supply, and display across all instruments with a modular architecture. Deploy a complete test system at a lower cost with the same footprint as a single traditional instrument.

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Rapid Test Development

Develop innovative test systems to meet your challenging time-to-market and performance requirements. NI offers a variety of industry-leading application development environments to help you increase test development productivity and reduce overall costs.

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Faster Test Execution With Increased Flexibility

Take advantage of the latest technologies, such as high-bandwidth PC buses, multicore processors, and FPGAs to adapt to evolving system requirements. Pair an extensive portfolio of instrumentation with cutting-edge technology while using a common programming environment to create customized testing solutions and lower test times.

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Partner With NI to Improve Your Test and Measurement Strategies