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Analysis Server

This server side software efficiently handles bulk measurement data analysis processing. It includes three compute nodes.

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Call for Pricing

Analysis Server Compute Nodes

For large data-processing needs that must be processed in a short amount of time, purchase extra compute nodes to run analysis processes in parallel on the server.

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  Analysis Server Compute Node
Web-based configuration  
Ability to create logic  
Batch processing  
Automated report generation  
Includes 3 Compute Nodes  
Add Processing Power  


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Preprocess Files to Standardize Data with DataFinder Server Edition

Analyzing and Reporting on data with the Analysis Server works best when the data is cleansed and standardized beforehand. DataFinder Server Edition handles these tasks with ease and was purposefully built to seamlessly integrate with Analysis Server. DataFinder Server Edition can be purchased separately or as part of the Data Management Software Suite.

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