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Signal and Image Processing

National Instruments offers a flexible platform that is ideal for signal processing teaching and research:

  • Explore signal processing in NI LabVIEW software using both graphical and .m file script-compatible textual tools backed by a comprehensive function library
  • Design filters interactively using the LabVIEW Digital Filter Design Toolkit
  • Prototype your designs targeting digital signal processors (DSPs), field-programmable gate arrays (FPGAs), and embedded processors


Enhance signal processing education with LabVIEW software and NI hardware for acquiring and generating live signals.

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Recommended Hardware and Software

LabVIEW Digital Filter Design Toolkit

  • Interactively design, analyze, and implement digital filters within LabVIEW
  • Use comprehensive tools for exploration, optimization, analysis, and implementation
  • Take advantage of more than 30 filter types available